Craft CMS

Craft is a new content management system, sold on it’s simplicity and flexibility, and we’re loving it.

I've known the developers of Craft, Pixel and Tonic, for a number of years through their work on addons for other systems I've used. Led by Brandon Kelly, Pixel and Tonic have earned a strong reputation for their relentless attention to detail and clear understanding that it takes a balanced mix of technology and design to ensure a great user experience.

It was during an email conversation with Brandon in early 2012 that he casually asked, "Would you like to see something new we've been working on? We'd appreciate your thoughts". After an immediate "Hell yeah!", Brandon invited me to a Basecamp project called "Blocks Private Alpha". Blocks was the early version of what is now Craft but even back then I knew instantly they were on to something great.

18 months later and this week Craft 1.2 has been released.

Over the next few weeks I'll be writing a lot about Craft as we explore the possibilities the new features offer and continue to introduce the system to clients.

If you're a developer and haven't looked at it yet, you really should. If you run or own a website I'd be happy to walk you through the benefits that Craft offers you. Get in touch.