Campaign Monitor integrated with Craft CMS

Our email marketing integration provides you with beautiful, mobile-friendly email campaigns, managed seamlessly by your content management system and delivered with ease.

During 2015 we developed a new content platform for tutor2u enabling them to effectively manage and co-ordinate all their digital activities, and in parallel we designed and built them a responsive website to act as the hub for their highly regarded content.

The new website isn't their only publishing channel though and as one of our last jobs of the year, we integrated the platform with their email marketing software, Campaign Monitor.

The daily digest campaigns

Students and teachers can subscribe to tutor2u's daily digest emails which are sent every morning at 8am for each of their subjects - business, economics, politics, etc.

The emails automatically contain all the new posts from the previous day, but tutor2u also have the ability to customise the templates to include featured products, events and announcements.

The tutor2u daily digest email campaigns look great on any device

Editable HTML templates

The campaigns are just another content-type within the content management system (in our case Craft CMS), and are handled in exactly the same way as other content such as blog posts, events, and study notes. tutor2u edit the campaigns via the control panel and save them when happy. 

The campaign content is also supplied to HTML templates in the same way as other content. The difference here though is these email templates aren't publicly accessible via the website.

Third-party email service

Instead, once a day the server runs a task that imports these HTML templates into Campaign Monitor as draft campaigns, and then schedules them for delivery.

After that Campaign Monitor takes over and handles the actual email delivery along with all the usual tests, reports and statistics they offer.

What next?

We're excited about the seamless integration we've accomplished here between Craft CMS and Campaign Monitor, and we're looking forward to rolling out similar options for further email campaigns over the coming months.