Increasing our clients possibilities with a simple online image editor

We develop a lot of tools for clients to give them creative control of their content. Here’s a simple but really handy one we built for tutor2u.

tutor2u create a lot of images to promote their content across the various platforms they publish to. They need callout images for featured content on their website, engaging images for social media sharing, and cover images for their YouTube videos.

One solution would be to design these images for them and then handover the Photoshop or Illustrator templates which they could edit directly.

There are a few problems with this though:

  1. It relies on the client team owning adequate image editing software and also being confident enough to use it.
  2. The client team would also need to ensure they have all the required typefaces installed.
  3. Consistency becomes difficult when everyone has access to the master templates.

Increasing our clients possibilities, not limiting them

This challenge is no different than any content management project we work on. We aim to give clients as much flexibility and creative control of their content as necessary while still putting constraints in place to retain control of the underlying look-and-feel and brand experience.

We also want to make creating content fun. If not fun then at least less like work!

Our Solution

We developed a simple online interface that allows the tutor2u team to generate images from a number of predefined templates and options. Parts of the template that should be editable are, but with constraints such as characters limits, font sizes, and colours that would be difficult to enforce using regular image editing software.

They can then download the generated images and use them wherever they're needed.

Take a look at the video demonstration below and see what you think. We're really pleased with the results.

Demonstration of the image generator in action

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